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This is Preneed's final step to help you prepare for when the time comes. Keeping everything organized and in one place is important to make sure your loved ones aren't left guessing and that they know your exact wishes. 

Throughout the process, if needed, you can always find professional support in the chatbox below.


Now, let's start with what's in your preplanning package. Please see your free downloads below, consisting of all the guides, forms, and checklists you will need to complete this final step.

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Please fill out the form and click "Submit" to download your free preplanning package.

1. Define your final wishes

After downloading your free preplanning folder, the first thing you need to do is to fill out the "Final Wishes Planning Guide".

This is a handy guide to help you begin putting down your thoughts. It includes vital statistics about you that your family and funeral director will need at the time of your passing. It also includes the location of important documents, your family tree, and messages to your loved ones.

2. Assign funds to a funeral establishment

At this point, you purchased your coverage and documented how you want it spent. Now it is time to take this document to your preferred funeral home. Don't forget - funeral costs will only be locked in at the current prices once you have assigned your policy to your preferred establishment. 

TruStage Planning Guide Preneed
Will Planning Checklist - Purple Shield - Preneed

3. Create your will

Before meeting with your lawyer or notary to create your Will, we suggest you use this Will Planning Guide. The information in this guide will assist your discussion with your lawyer/notary. It is a step-by-step guide to help you organize your wishes before you meet with your lawyer or notary.

4. Prepare your executor

This booklet outlines the 45 steps an Executor must take when closing an estate. Its easy instructions can help make the process a little simpler and help an Executor keep track of important details.

However, if you already purchased "Final Document Services" with your coverage, much of the paperwork associated with these steps (highlighted with ‘FDS’) will be handled by professionals. Your executor will only have to call 1-866-610-8504 to be assisted throughout the process.

45 Steps to Estate Settlement - Preneed
Little Black Box - Preneed

5. Put your estate in order

This step-by-step guide, which outlines the 40 steps of estate settlement, helps you begin the process of estate planning. It is also a great tool to help prepare your Executor or representative. It contains easy directions to put your estate in order.

We recommend not procrastinating this step because as we see it, you are also holding a library of pertinent facts and stories about your family’s history. This has great value if you can pass it to the following generations with your legacy. memory card mock up by .png
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6. Protect the confidential information

Once completed, your preplanning package will contain a lot of confidential information. With Preneed's memory cards you can now securely store and keep all this information organized in a safe portable drive that can be a part of your legacy.

Don't forget - ideally, the safest place (from online hackers) for all your estate data is on a flash drive as opposed to on your computer. Therefore, this practice will protect you against identity theft.

Giving the preplanning package a physical form eliminates the struggle of searching for these files for your executor.

Now, for a limited time, Preneed 's encrypted memory card is FREE when you purchase a policy online!

Don't miss out!

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