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Executor Protection

Optional - Affects the amount of coverage needed

When you pass, whether your estate is large or small, someone will have to legally close it. This person usually ends up being a spouse or loved one, because hiring a professional can be quite costly.

Closing an estate involves notifying multiple government agencies of the passing, filling out stacks of paperwork, guiding the estate through probate, paying final bills and probate fees, organizing estate documents and much more. This can be an extremely complicated and time-consuming process, as well as an expensive one. Many times, executors and representatives end up fronting the costs associated with their role while they are waiting for funds and assets to pass through probate. This may be a struggle for some.

A Final Expense Plan allows you to bypass probate and pays funds directly to your executor or representative immediately - when they need it the most. We also have a Final Documents Service option to assist your Executor by preparing estate paperwork ahead of time and having it available at the time of need. Planning ahead makes closing an estate an easier process for everyone involved.

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