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Cremation Options

Optional - Affects the amount of coverage needed

There are many benefits to choosing cremation as your final disposition. A reputable crematorium can provide economical solutions without sacrificing quality service. Beyond cost variance, choosing cremation over burial allows for more flexibility in your memorial and what you wish to do with your remains. With today's technology, you have more options than ever.

Memorial Service – This option is very similar to a traditional funeral; however, the deceased is not present at the service. The cremation takes place prior to the service and the deceased is represented by an urn. All other details resemble a traditional funeral service, including eulogies, readings, and music, and is often held at a funeral home or place of worship.

Funeral Service with Viewing Followed by Cremation – This option allows for a traditional funeral service with a viewing of the deceased. The cremation takes place after the funeral service with the remains being returned to the family.

Direct Cremation – This option allows for the deceased to be cremated within a few days of passing. The remains are returned to the family and no service is held. This is the most basic type of cremation service.

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