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Burial Options

Optional - Affects the amount of coverage needed

In-Ground Burial – This burial option is the most traditional. In-ground burials involve the deceased being buried below ground in a casket which is then marked by a headstone or monument. Burial plots are typically purchased from the cemetery and are landscaped after the burial to allow families a place to visit and lay flowers in the future. In-ground burials are usually preceded by a funeral service at a funeral home or place of worship. Cremation is also an option for an in-ground burial, with the remains being buried in an urn.

Above Ground Burial – This burial option remains the same in all aspects except for the casket or urn remains above ground and is placed in either a community or private mausoleum.

Lawn Crypt Burial – A lawn crypt allows for two people to be memorialized together, although they are also available for one person. An outer concrete enclosure is lowered into the cemetery plot and houses stacked caskets. Lawn crypts maintain a drainage system that ensures dryness and added protection from the elements. Lawn crypts are also marked with a headstone or memorial and are typically preceded by a funeral service.

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